Full Set Nail Enhancement
Acrylic Overlay$30.00
Acrylic$30.00 and up
Pink & White$55.00
Full set French$35.00
Full Set with Shellac$40.00
Full set with French Shellac$45.00
SNS with Tips$40.00
Fill In Nail Enhancement
Acrylic$22.00 and up
Fill Pink$30.00
Fill Pink & White (or any powder colors)$45.00
Fill in with Shellac$32.00 and up
Fill in with Shellac French$37.00 and up
Shellac without manicure$23.00
Shellac (one color)$30.00
French Shellac$35.00
Mode Swing Shellac$35.00
SNS without Manicure$35.00
SNS with Manicure$42.00
SNS with Tip$40.00
SNS French with Tip$45.00
SNS French with Tip and Manicure$52.00

Professional Spa Pedicure Enjoy a relaxing soak, nails shaped and buffed, cuticles trimmed and an application of callus remover on the feet. Foot scrub is utilized to further soften the skin and follow by light feet massage and hot steam towels.$30.00
Deluxe Pedicure Enjoy all the benefits of the Professional Spa Pedicure; plus an application of cooling mask gel then follow by sweet honey sugar scrub massage.$35.00
Signature Pedicure Enjoy all the benefits of the Deluxe Pedicure; plus fresh cucumber wrap then finish with oil massage.$40.00
Tiffany Ultimate Pedicure Enjoy all of the benefits of a Signature Pedicure along with hot stones massage that will soothe and relax tired legs and feet. Essential oils, lotions and hot stone massage will reenergize and revitalize your feet. The essence of hot stones is to apply the warmth and healing sensation energy back into your every step.$50.00
Royal Pedicure There is no better way to re-energize and rejuvenate the tired feet than getting this Royal treatment. This purpose of this pedicure is designed for people who are active, constantly on their feet and tend to have lot of built-up like dead skins and calluses. Starting with a sea salt soak to soften the dead skins and calluses then follow by cucumber extract sugar scrub. After nails and cuticles are carefully trimmed and shaped, heels and feet are treated with Mud Masque. Lotion massage will add to that re-energized and rejuvenation feeling.$45.00
Volcano Pedicure Welcome to the ultimate pedicure experience!!! Prepare yourself for the fun bubble explosion by DETOXVOLCANO ACTIVATOR. Your dry feet will be detoxified and skin will be softened. Sugar scrub exfoliation combines with raw sugars and essential oils will help to renew the skin texture, vibrancy & enhancement—leaving skin feeling soft and smooth. Collagen Cream Maske is applied to draw out any remaining impurities while rejuvenating skin appearance. Collagen Massage Lotion is applied to maximize the silky soft skin leaving your feet feeling moisturized and hydrated$55.00
Manicure and Pedicure48.00
Miscellaneous Services
Repair (per finger)$5.00 & up
Polish Change Nails$10.00
Polish Change Toes$15.00
French Polish Nails or Toes$5.00 extra
Design Two Fingers$5.00 and up
Design Ten Fingers (depends on level of difficulty)$10.00 and up
Toe Acrylic tip or overlay$8.00/toe
Kid Services
Regular Manicure$15.00
Shellac Manicure$23.00
Professional Spa Pedicure$20.00
Signature Pedicure$25.00
Kid Pedicure and Manicure:$35.00
Professional Spa Pedicure and Nail Polish$25.00
Kid Nail polish$6.00
Kid Toe polish$7.00
Waxing & Eye Lash Extension
Eye Brow Wax$10.00

Gift certificate is available!

Purchase $50.00 and receive $5.00 extra (seasonal) Purchase $100.00 and receive $20.00 extra (seasonal)

We cater to a large party whether it is a girl night-out, bridal party, birthday party etc… Please make your reservation in advanced. Appropriate group discount will apply to your party depends on group size.

Guarantee Policy:

1.  No cash refund on all services.  If you are not satisfied with your nails for any reason, we will do our best to fix it to your satisfaction.

2.  There will be no guarantee on the regular polish.

3.  If you have crack, smear, chip or completely popped-out nail, there will be seven days guarantee on SNS, Shellac, acrylic and P& W.  Please go back to the original technician who did your nail.